The NEW Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 2022 (Grades K to 5)

Student Book: The new Primary Mathematics Student Book is a consumable book that allows the student to write in it. It does not have a separate textbook and workbook.

Additional Practice: This book supplements the Student Book and provides students with on-level practice of concepts and skills taught in each chapter.

Mastery and Beyond: This book would provide consolidated practice across sections in a chapter to support mastery of a topic and concept.

Home Instructor's Guide: The Home Instructor's Guide would be to help homeschooling families implement the Primary Mathematics 2022 curriculum. Each lesson is also very manageable and is laid out and planned for about 30 minutes.

Teacher's Guide for the classroom: The Teacher's Guide will provide teachers with ideas and activities to facilitate learning and discussions and also ideas for differentiation in the classroom. (Available Upon Request)


Looking for other editions of Singapore Math? CHER carries them too! Here are some links to other Singapore Math editions: Singapore Math Standards EditionSingapore Math US Edition, Singapore Math CC Edition, and Singapore Math Dimensions.



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58 Results