Jump Math


New Canadian Editions

In 2016, JUMP Math undertook a major project to create new editions of their Grade 1-8 resources, starting with Grade 3, and added a Kindergarten offering for the first time. French editions are available by special order for Jump Math Workbooks Grades 1 through 6.

Teacher Resources and Student AP Books for Grades 1 through 8 meet the standards set by the Ontario curriculum, the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP), the Alberta Curriculum, and are suitable for students in most of the provinces and territories.

JUMP Math has found that children learn better when they feel successful and are confident they will not be allowed to fail. Teachers therefore communicate their belief that all students can learn, and reinforce this belief with frequent and specific encouragement. This creates a positive learning environment, which in turn leads to more academically focused behaviour. In a homeschool setting, JUMP Math works by helping adults lead children through a tailored process of micro-teaching, guided discovery and practice that gradually extends student understanding.

Answer Keys, Quizzes and Tests are available for free download by logging in to the Jump Math Website.