God's Design for Science  ®

Suggested Sequence

Non-linear Model over Eight Years

This curriculum may be used in any order as the books are not necessarily designed to build on one another. It would be reasonable to organize the learning in many different ways based on student needs, interests, or other requirements. There are, however, some practical considerations. For instance, we recommend that chemistry not be taught in first  or second grade. Starting with one of the life science topics may be preferred  as the concepts are less abstract. Younger students can understand animals and plants as they can interact with them directly and do not have to rely on models to learn.
It is also reasonable to structure the learning to cover multiple disciplines in a given year. For example, the unit on the human body could be followed by machines and motion to connect the concepts of muscles and bones to simple machines.

Whatever sequence is used, it is recommended that each subject be taught twice over the eight years to reinforce previous learning and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts

Linear Model in Two Phases

Following the classical model of education Phase 1: The curriculum may be used in two phases over the course of first through eighth grades.
Each lesson includes a Beginners section which is intended to be used the first time through the curriculum.

First Grade: God's Design for Life (Completing three lessons per week.)
1.The World of Plants
2.The World of Animals
3.The Human Body

Second Grade: God's Design for Heaven and Earth (Completing three lessons per week.)
1.Our Universe
2.Our Planet Earth
3.Our Weather & Water

Third Grade: God's Design for Chemistry (Completing three lessons per week.)
1.Properties of Atoms& Molecules
2.Properties of Matter
3.Chemistry of Ecology

Fourth Grade: God's Design for the Physical World
(Completing three lessons per week.)
1.Heat & Energy
2.Machines & Motion
3.Inventions & Technology

 While you do have flexibility and can adapt the sequence to fit your family's needs, here is the rest of God's Design for Science Suggested Sequence.