Looking to give your child a love and concern for the World? The books included in this category are full of inspiration, peoples, pictures, maps, and other information to pique your & your child's interest to create your own unit study!

Try using Material World, which includes families from all over the world showing off all their possessions, as a starting point for country studies. Add Maps for locations and a visual feast of interesting facts about each area. Add Operation World or Window on the World: When we Pray God Works to seek God's heart for the world and for lots of statistics on each country including the religion of the area. Add Passport to the World for a fun way to help your child keep track of some the countries visited.

One possible schedule could be a country a week, or even a country a month. Write stories (LA), make charts (Math), learn about the animals in the area (Science), while you are observing each people group (Social Studies), draw maps or people (Art & Geography).  Wind up each country's study with a meal specific to the people group you have been discovering.

You are leading & directing this unit study. Choose the books that excite you and the schedule that works for your family. Enjoy the possibilities for learning open for you!