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Tray Puzzle

Young children love the success they realize when they put together a tray puzzle - again and again, and again! What is a tray puzzle? Cobble Hill Tray Puzzles have durable inlaid pieces in a tray with definitive outlines underneath to help identify where each piece goes. The large pieces make it easy for small hands to grasp and allow for those needing more visual cues to see a greater portion of the image per piece.



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Beaver Pond 35 Piece Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD
Blue Truck Farm 35 Piece Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD
Chickadee Duo 35 Piece Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD
Eastern Woodlands 35 Piece Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD