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The Chronicles of Narnia - Wendy's Staff Pic for November 2023

The Chronicles of Narnia - Wendy's Staff Pic for November 2023

Wendy's Staff Pic for November 2023

The Chronicles of Narnia

by C. S. Lewis have been re-popularized in recent years by movies like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but like most movies based on books, the books are infinitely better. This seven-book series chronicles the creation, corruption, redemption, destruction, and re-birth of a world much like our own, but where animals talk, evil witches plot, and where fauns, centaurs, giants, and dwarves inhabit the land. Some children (and a few adults) from our world are drawn into this realm by magic, and must discover their purpose there and fulfill it. They have experiences of wonder and joy, fear and sorrow, lifelong friendships and betrayal, all while being guided and helped by the Great King, Aslan. 


These timeless books have been treasured over generations, and make some of the very best read-alouds available. Children of all ages love and relate to the characters, who learn how to be better people through their adventures in Narnia. Virtues like loyalty, humility, sacrifice, perseverance, and courage are taught by their examples. Adults too, will get caught up in the beautiful stories, rich with meaning, and will take away something new with each reading. 


There have been many reprints of this collection, all with the same illustrations, but some with colour. Even so, one of the advantages of reading a book is that the audience imagines their own mental pictures, which is easy to do, asC.S. Lewis was a masterful descriptive writer. 


Whether The Chronicles of Narnia are read as an allegory of our own story, or as children’s fiction, they have a way of enriching the soul and becoming dear friends to visit over and over again.


Wendy - An important member of CHER's friendly Customer Service Team

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