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Handwriting Without Tears Letters & Numbers For Me 2022 Edition

Handwriting Without Tears Letters & Numbers For Me 2022 Edition
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Brand/Publisher: Handwriting Without Tears
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Handwriting Without Tears Letters & Numbers For Me
2022 edition

Kindergarten students, or those working at that level, learn capitals, lowercase letters, numbers, words, and sentences. Activities form good handwriting habits and develop strong writers.

Handwriting Without Tears guides students to success with:

  • Developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction
  • Consistent guided practice to develop automaticity and fluency
  • Multisensory components engage visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners
  • Hands-on manipulative for developing fine motor and phonics skills
  • Simple, student-friendly, step-by-step language for letter formations

Watch and Imitate
The student watches how their teacher writes a letter. Then they imitate these motions.

Guided Practice
The student looks at the completed model of a letter, word, or sentence, and copies it to match the model.

Independent Practice
The student writes the learned letter, word, or sentence unassisted, without a demonstration or a model.


Each member of the Learning without Tears' student activity books is filled with lessons and activities designed to reinforce good handwriting habits and build mastery of print, lowercase, and cursive letter forms.

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Attribute name Attribute value
Author Olsen, Jan Z.
Series Handwriting Without Tears
Grade Level Kindergarten
Format Workbook - includes Digital Enhancements
Consumable Yes
Number of Pages 94 Pages
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