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Who is CHER?


 Do I have to order through the CHER Website?

 Special Order Items: What if I want to order something that is not on your website?

Back Orders

How can I pay for my order?

When will my credit card be charged?

When will my PayPal account be charged?

What are CHER dollars?

What happens to my information when I give it to CHER?

 I love the CHER website, but I would like to see and touch the materials. How can I do that?


 My province requires that I register with a school board. Is there a list of these boards? 


 Do you have any Sales?

Does CHER have sales any other times of the year? How can I find out about them?

 Do you have discounts at any other times?

Order Tracking


Does CHER have a print Catalogue?

Further Questions?




Who is CHER?

Our customers have affectionately called us CHER for 28 years.  It is much easier to say than Canadian Home Education Resources. 

CHER is an online home school supply store whose mission is to assist, facilitate and encourage home schooling families through promoting and selling quality materials designed to help them achieve success in their home education endeavors.
CHER would be the home education equivalent of a teacher supply store for teachers and an educational toy store with all the fun but without the toys.


Do I have to order through the CHER Website?

Of course not! If you are having trouble with the website, call or email us, we would be happy to walk you through! Ordering online makes the ordering process easier and faster.  Although we think is a pretty great website, if you feel more comfortable ordering another way, please do!  Here are some of your options:

By E-mail      You can place your order easily by copying and pasting from our website or making your list right on your email. Email

By Phone       Our friendly staff are available to take your order on our toll free line Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM MST. Call (403) 243-4443 or 1 (800) 345-2952

By Mail or By Fax   You are welcome to place your order by mail or Fax. Just remember to include your name, shipping address, city, province, postal code, phone number and / or email address, and the item names of what you would like to purchase. ISBN numbers are helpful, but we will contact you if we have any questions. If you are sending a cheque, make sure you include shipping and handling charges and GST. For school purchase orders, on a separate line, include the school name, address, phone number  and or email address as well as your purchase order number.

Mail your orders to:

Canadian Home Education Resources

108 1289 Highfield Cr SE

Calgary AB  T2G 5M2

Fax your orders to:

(403) 243-9727


Special Order Items: What if I want to order something that is not on your website?

No problem. Add the item to the Comments Box on the Shopping Cart page as you check out. We will call you with any questions we may have. When placing special orders, we need as much information as you can provide. ISBN and Title are required, Publisher and Author are helpful in locating your item. We will let you know if we are able to bring it in for you. One thing to remember about special orders is that it may be an item we are not familiar with, so once you have ordered the item, it can not be cancelled or returned.  We will try to get your item in as quickly as possible for you, but special orders can take 2 to 8 weeks to come in.


Back Orders

We try to keep items in stock, but demand for items fluctuate from season to season and year to year. When we run out of items, they are back orders in our system.  We quote a time period of 2 to 6 weeks in order to allow items time to come from our supplier, across the border,  through customs, to our warehouse and out to you.  Special order items may take 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the publisher. Below is an explanation of back order terms.·             

   Back Order

We have run out of an item and will be ordering it in for you. There may be an increase in price on out of stock items due to changes that have occurred since we last ordered the item from our suppliers. The price increase could be due to a publisher price increase, an increase in the exchange rate, or other unforeseen circumstances. We will advise you before shipping if the increase is over 10% of your item ordered.

  Back Order @ Supplier

We have placed an order and are waiting for the shipment and for the item to be received in our warehouse. See the note above regarding price increases.

Back Order @ Publisher

The item may be re-printing,  OSI (Out of Stock Indefinately) or  OP (Out of Print). We will cancel your back ordered item. You are welcome to reorder at a later time.

Out of Stock Indefinately

Publisher is deciding whether to reprint the title or have it go out of print. We will cancel your back ordered item.

Out of Print

The publisher has decided not to print any further copies of this title. We will cancel your back ordered item.



How can I pay for my order?


Credit Card   MasterCard or Visa (see also Paypal below) can be paid through our secure PayPal portal or by contacting our office. Your credit card will be billed once your order is ready to ship.

Use your Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal account to pay for your order. Your PayPal account will be billed once your order is ready to ship.

School Purchase Order

If your school is registered with us, you may provide a purchase order for payment.  Enter your school board name and purchase order number in the space provided at the end of your checkout process.

If your school board is not registered with us, have them contact us to set up an account.

Under some circumstances a back up credit card may be required (For example, when we are unable to reach your school board, or after school board office hours) before we release items.


E-mail transfer

Once we have given you your order total, and password, you may send an Email Transfer.

Pay by Phone 


 Contact us with your method of payment.  

Debit Card


In our warehouse only



Once we have given you your order total, you may send a cheque.



In our warehouse only.


When will my credit card be charged?

We do not bill your credit card until your order is ready to ship. The exception to that may be Special Order items.


When will my PayPal account be charged?

We do not bill your PayPal Account until your order is ready to ship. The exception to that may be Special Order items.


What are CHER dollars?

If you have ordered on our website, by email, by mail, phone or fax and had your order mailed to you, you may have received CHER dollars. CHER dollars are our way of saying "Thank You"  and helping you the next time you place an order.  You only have to place a web or mail order for over $150.00 to qualify to receive CHER dollars.

CHER dollars can be used as payment towards your next CHER order. To redeem simply enter the amount of your CHER dollars in the comments section immediately below your shopping cart. 


What happens to my information when I give it to CHER?

CHER will not sell, rent, or give your information away.

We will email you information about our Annual Customer Appreciation Sale, but if you would rather not get that email, we can arrange to take you off that list. We don't like spam, so we won't spam you.

We may send you a monthly newsletter, because many of you have requested newsletters.  You can easily opt out of that as well.

We may email periodic Sale Flyers with information we feel you would be interested in.

I love the CHER website, but I would like to see and touch the materials. How can I do that?

CHER's Preview Room is closed until further notice.

Do you live in the Calgary area or are coming to visit?  You can book a Preview Room to view curriculum / products prior to purchasing in three easy steps.


  • Log in at
  • Choose up to 20 items you would like to review in hand at our office
  •  Choose Shipping option: Pick Up
  •  Choose Payment option: Preview Room
  • Call us at 403-243-4443 or
  • email us at  to book an appointment
  •  We will have your items ready for you to view in our Preview Room
  • You can decide what items you would like to purchase at that time
  •  You can purchase and take your items home that same day!


My province requires that I register with a school board. Is there a list of these boards?


CHER has a list of provincial boards (Alberta Home School Boards British Columbia Home School Boards) on our website. You have a choice as to which board you register with.  Some boards will match your family's needs better than others.  It is a good practice to write out your philosophy of education and make a list of what you are looking for in a school board before you approach them. This makes  it easier to continue the conversation with a certain board or cross them off your list. Alberta and BC have had some good school boards in the past, hopefully they will continue to work well with home education families.


Do you have any Sales?

We all love a good Sale!  CHER has an annual Customer Appreciation Sale each year. We email information about the Sale to our preferred customers on our email list. We also post the info on the Home Page of this website and on our Canadian Home Education Resources' Facebook Pageand our Canadian Home Education Resources' Instagram Page. Watch your inbox, Facebook and Instagram for the dates!

Please feel free to share information about our Customer Appreciation Sale with a friend, There are always lots of great deals to be had. Your friend will thank you!

Don't forget - the annual CHER Customer Appreciation Sale is also a great way to stock up on fun and educational Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

Does CHER have sales any other times of the year? How can I find out about them?

At CHER we have been working hard to have a Specials Section on our website. Items, discounts and availability will change from time to time

We try to price our products as fairly as possible. We will also occasionally have a supplier's materials on sale. The CHER website has a Great Deals SALE BIN with slightly damaged, damaged, older editions, or material we chose not to carry. There are some great deals in the SALE BIN and it is being replenished on a regular basis.


Watch, your inbox and facebook for updates!


Order Tracking

Orders placed on the CHER website will receive an email with the tracking number when the order is shipped.

Didn't receive an email? Contact us at, 403 243-4443 or 1 800 345-2952. We would be happy to supply you with the tracking number for your order.




We hope we have provided enough information on the website to help you make an informed decision, and that the materials we offer meet your needs, but we know that sometimes you need to return an item. We ask that:

  • Items are returned within 2 weeks
  • Returned items arrive at CHER in resalable condition
  • No returns are accepted on CDs, DVDs, MP3s, multimedia, novels, Special Order Items or items with downloadable components.
  • You are responsible for shipping and handling charges on your return.
  • A credit will be kept on your CHER account for a future purchase.
  • You can contact CHER for a Return Authorization (RA) number.


Does CHER have a print Catalogue?            

 The Canadian Home Education Resources 20th Anniverary Edition Catalogue is now a Collectors Item! If you have a copy, save it for reference as we are not planning to issue another print catalogue.

The Canadian Home Education Resources (CHER) Website has been designed to give you more than a print catalogue can ever hold. CHER's online catalogue is interactive and up to date on price and availability.  Some of the benefits of the website are: we can offer the newest materials as they arrive, pricing is maintained to be competitive with each new shipment we receive, sample pages for many items, categories to help you find what you are looking for, periodic sales, weekily specials, more graphics, enhanced descriptions, and stock availability. There are many search features that will help you find titles you are looking for and links to related materials you didn't even know you wanted. Even our 'Sale Bin', which was only available to in-store customers, is now on-line with new specials being added regularly.

A print catalogue has a finite amount of space for descriptions and graphics. On the CHER website we have included all sorts of things we would have liked to include in the CHER Catalogue but could not due to space and technology restrictions. On the CHER website we have:

o   Unlimited space for descriptions.

o   A picture for each and every item.

o   Links to related items and pictures of those linked items right on the item card.

o  Lists and links to other books with the same author, illustrator, home school style,  age, grade, location, series, number of pages, secular or Christian, warnings, timeline, location, Awards, provincial outcomes,  and more.

o   Sample Pages, video clips, and other links on many items.

o   Categories that include other similar products

o   A Comparison List, where you can compare items side by side

o   A Wish List you can keep on the website. (Hint: CHER has great Birthday and Christmas items.  Email your CHER Wish List to Grandma or Auntie, or give her your Wish List URL for sharing - located at the bottom of your Wish List Page)





If you have any questions

 about our prices, policies, or procedures, please contact us at


If you like the CHER website and would like to let us know, please email us or drop us a note. Hearing from you makes our day!  Feel free to email us at

If you have any suggestions about improving our Online shop, please email us at



You guys are my favorite place to shop for home school supplies! Thank you for stocking sooo many of my favorite curriculum and for being so helpful and accommodating!!!  - DB AB