Kind Words

A Sampling of Encouraging Words from CHER CustomersEncouraging Words from CHER Customers

Thanks for all the kind words. They truly make our day. Having great customers makes our job so much easier!

Brenda, Gary, & the CHER Customer Service Team

I am so glad we found your site. It is perfect for our home school family. TO ON

I love this store, so I'll be ordering a bit later in the year

CHER also has wonderful resources for homeschooling and they are our first choice when it comes to ordering!   

                                                                   CG   FB

Just wanted to say what a great service this is. Just did a recent purchase and so very pleased.
I will be sure to tell others I know about your store.  Chat   AB

Thank you for such amazing customer service and help today!!  Bless you!!  So thankful!!
Thanks again for being so helpful and fast.      CB     AB

Thank you so much! Your customer service is second to none! CM BC

Ordering online was great!   CC     BC

I received my daughter's shipment today.
Thank you so very much for making this happen for her. She is so excited to get started after seeing all the kits. To the moon and stars and beyond!!
As a personal" mom" thank you,  for taking my emails and calls during the busy time of the year. There are no words that I can express  what i feel in my heart . My daughter has such a desire to learn and discovery the sciences! Thank you!
All my best to each of you.     - L.S.

The Ladies at CHER are super helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for offering great products, kind custumer service and quick delivery on orders. PM

Love this place. Very professional workforce. Great selections of items to choose from. Highly recommend! NW

Order online and come pick up! This store is lovely with wonderful friendly staff people. TG

I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful company!! I found them last year and discovered the ease of purchase orders!! We haven’t looked back since.

I order ALL my curriculum books and supplies through CHER. Costs are competitive. But most importantly they provide EXCEPTIONAL service. Either by email or on the phone they are friendly, helpful, accommodating and excellent at communicating.

This year we ordered the butterfly kits and I had so many questions but was able to find answers in one phone call. Then last week - right before funding deadline I realized I needed 2 more books. I called on Wednesday and had a tracking number for shipment by the next day!!! Amazing!!!

Thank you so much for making my homeschool experience so much easier!  CC

Thank you so much!  Your website was very easy to use and I love that my cart
remains full of the items I searched for and added!    RH ON

I just wanted to say THANKYOU! That’s some fast service. I got my box today and I ordered online 2 days ago. DD  AB

I found this item from a US vendor but the shipping was $50!! Glad you guys had it:) Have a lovely day!    SH BC 

I really appreciated the helpful and kind treatment I received when I called your office  :) Excellent service -Thank you!      KW  ON

Thank you for all of the wonderful resources you offer to home educators. Your booth was my favourite place to shop at the AHEA convention for so many years. KB AB

Thanks again,  I really enjoy your website and your service!        CS  BC

Thank you for your wonderful customer service the last 4 years!     HR  BC

I really like your website I find it's really easy to find things. Keep up the good work! CS BC

Thank you for replying back so quickly. I appreciate your help. I'm just getting into the homeschool scene as my daughter is turning 3 in a few months. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate how accommodating you have been. It's also really great to have these resources available in Canada. Thank you!      NJ AB

The Ladies at CHER are super helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for offering great products, kind custumer service and quick delivery on orders.     PM Web

Thank you so much for making things so much easier!!!!
Website Customer      CR  AB

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  I really appreciate the service you guys have been giving this year, thank you for the hard work you do.     EH  AB

I talked to someone this morning and just want to say just how awesome you guys are to deal with. I get all my homeschool resources from you and will continue to!  Blessings there!     AP AB

I appreciate all the help you have all given me, I am very impressed by the service that I have received from your company. I will recommend your website and company to others. LP AB

Thank you for all you did to help me out when I was homeschooling my boys.  You all made life easier.     PM AB

I have received excellent customer service from your company, which I certainly do appreciate.      JY  BC

We were directed to your store (with rave reviews) through our school board. CD AB

WOW! Thank you for speedy service! DB BC

 Second year ordering our homeschooling curriculum from CHER! Wow! Great customer service, very competitive prices and with a hand dandy little coupon code this year I stayed well within my budget! Thank you! FB
CHER is a wonderful resources for homeschool families.     BD  AB
Everything looks great.  Thanks for all your help and all are such a blessing to work with!  AW AB

Thank you! I received my order and we're very pleased with our new handwriting books AK BC