Handwriting is still a very important communication skill for our children to learn. Whether they are handwriting a note to a parent, friend, teacher, boss, co-worker or spouse, there are times when pen & paper are the right way to convey a message. Along with this skill comes the ability to read manuscript (printing) or cursive writing. Some children may be good readers yet struggle with reading cursive, but with practice writing these joined letters, they come to recognize and read their written forms.

Handwriting is also an art form that is enjoyed by many. Posters, signs, personal letters, and special occasion cards can all be produced using a beautiful and carefully placed hand printed letters. Calligraphy guilds, which are Associations of artists that see the beauty in a well crafted letter,  are located throughout the world.

CHER has several excellent books to aid in teaching handwriting. Each of the handwriting curriculums has unique characteristics to help you teach writing well. A Reason for Handwriting uses Scripture for practice and the child produces a finished border sheet to share at the end of each week. The ever popular Handwriting Without Tears uses manipulatives and a well-researched method of teaching letters. Canadian Handwriting uses Canadian content while teaching both manuscript and cursive. Horizons Penmanship uses a colorful workbook in its Bible-based penmanship curriculum. Spencerian Penmanship's copperplate style reminds us of the beautiful letters our great grandparents used.

We hope you enjoy creating beautiful handwritten pages with your child.



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