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Canadian Home School Boards

Many home education families in Canada ask for information on how to contact school boards in their province. You will find a list of Alberta & British Columbia Home School Boards below

Before approaching a school board it is helpful to write out your family's educational philosophy. When you check with the board you are interested in you will then be better able to ascertain if their educational philosophy matches yours. If you need help in clarifying your own educational philosophy check Canadian Home Education Parent Resources for some great home education parent resources.

Willing Non-Resident Boards in Alberta

Alberta has “Willing Non-Resident Boards” located throughout the province. You are not restricted to the location of the school board, instead you can choose whichever board meets your family’s needs. As I write this, Alberta students have the choice of registering as “Traditional" (parent-directed program), “Aligned" (teacher or school board directed home-based school program), or “Blended” (a combination of the two). Aligned students are required to follow the Alberta Program of Studies (yes, the very same one you took your children out of). Traditional students have more flexibility in what they cover. The onus is on the parent to “raise a good citizen”. Blended students pull from both the Aligned and the Traditional choices. The closer you follow the government’s curriculum the more money you receive from the government. Read the information on the Alberta Government website to become informed as to how these will affect your home school. Also check with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defence Association) to see what the legalities are.

Home School Boards in British Columbia

What is the difference between Distributed Learning and Homeschooling in BC?

Homeschooling families register with a school as homeschoolers and are free to educate their children at home as they wish. Depending on the school, homeschoolers may receive a little funding for books and a few other limited services. Distributed Learning students also learn at home under the supervision of their parents, but they are enrolled with a school that is funded by the province to provide the student with textbooks, resources, and the guidance and support of a certified teacher in order to meet the learning outcomes required by the Ministry of Education.

Looking For a List of Learning Outcomes?

Learning outcomes vary from province to province, and while it's important that our children are always learning, it's not always important that they learn according to learning outcomes. However, if you're looking for guidance, or if your schoolboard requires it, knowing what the learning outcomes are in your province can be helpful as you navigate the diversity of curriculum available. Below are a couple of links to PDF files that you can use to compare learning outcomes for Social Studies and Science in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. If you are looking for the most up to date information on the subject, or further learning outcomes in other subjects, you can do an internet search for the Program of Study for your province.

An Overview of Science Learning Outcomes

An Overview of Social Studies Learning Outcomes




Bearspaw Christian School (BCS@Home)

Address: 15001 - 69 St. N.W.
  Calgary, AB T3R 1C5
Phone: 403-295-2566

What makes our school board special? BCS@Home offers traditional home education as well as blended programming and online classes. We recognize the central role of parents in the education of children and aim to fulfill the schools mission of "Joining with the family to realize personal academic excellence and Christ-like character in each student" What set's BCS@Home apart is the Christian community and support that we offer. We offer many opportunities for home schooling students and parents to experience community through our community classes, field trips special events and support groups. Additionally we open up the wider social fabric of the campus school for those homeschooling students that want to take part in athletics, theatre, clubs, school field trips, service projects, chapels, classes on campus and much more.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board? Home Education families register with us because they desire to be with a private Christian School who supports home education through great facilitators, connected community, and opportunities to integrate into the life of Bearspaw Christian School.


The Centre For Learning @ Home

Okotoks Mailing Address: P.O. Box 137
  Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1A4
  Phone: 403-938-4119
Okotoks Physical 109 Southbank Blvd
 Address: Okotoks, Alberta T1S 0G1
Edmonton Physical #100, 10634-178 Street NW
 Address: Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1H4
  Phone: 780-481-5670
Toll Free: 1-800-659-1945
Registrar:  Jo Appleby
  Linda Marchand


 Education Unlimited

Education Unlimited

Address: P.O. Box 90
  Kingman, Alberta, T0B 2M0
Phone: 780-662-3634
What makes our school administration special? For many years, we have successfully faciliated only traditional home education programs without using provincial accreditation or blended programs and consistently demonstrated principled leadership in home education both at home and abroad.  We equip parents by providing them with the knowledge and tools we have gained through our experience and expertise in education with the objective of helping parents to lead their children to responsible adulthood.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board? We believe in keeping things simple, and freeing parents to simply be parents.  We enable parents to home educate by helping them understand the requirements of provincial regulations and their own rights as home educators, while at the same time greatly simplifying the required paperwork for registration and funding.  We encourage parental authority in home educating by establishing the foundational principles for educating children within the family created by God,  and by reminding parents that these principles do not change with time.
Name of Supervising Board:
Harvest Baptist Academy



Red Deer Catholic Regional School Homeschool Division

Address: Box 1267
  Red Deer, AB, T4N 7B6
Contact: Kathy & Daryl Snider
Phone: 403-348-0723



40-Mile Home Education

Home Education Division of the Cherry Coulee Christian Academy (CCCA)

Address: Box 119
  Milk River, Alberta  T0K 1M0
Contact: Craig Funston
Phone: 1-855-647-1999
 School Office Phone:  403-545-2107
 School Office Address: Cherry Coulee Christian Academy  Attn: Craig
  Box 10370
  Bow Island, Alberta  T0K 0G0
What makes our school board special? Lead by committed homeschoolers with 25 years homeschooling experience.  Husband and wife team for every visit.
Why would a home education family want to register with our board?
We believe the parents have the prior right to teach their children at home.  We support the parents as teachers.
Name of Supervising Board
Cherry Coulee Christian Academy

The Home Education Exchange

Address: 201, 2 Athabascan Avenue
  Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8A 4E3
Phone: 780-467-5511
Toll Free: 1-877-467-5510
What makes our school board special? The Home Education Exchange (THEE) offers to our home educating families expertise in a wide variety of learning methods and resources and have been doing so since 1992!   Home educating parents receive support from fellow home educators who have "been there, done that" or are "there" now with their own children.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board?  At The Home Education Exchange (THEE), home educating parents are in full control of their educational choices for their children. We support the many different choices that parents have, ranging from "traditional" home education to blended education to unschooling to online learning.  Parents will find education support from grade 1 to 12, help through the high school years, academic counseling, and curriculum selection.




 Devoted to Christ. Dedicated to Students and Families

Head Office Address 6014 57 Ave
  Red Deer, Alberta T4N 4S9
Phone: 403 598-1436
Program Director 403 226-2174
What makes our schoolboard special?
Our name, Koinonia, means "Christian community".  We exist to assist parents in the spiritual and academic development of their children through private Christian educational choices. The Koinonia @ Home program is committed to offering personalized education for each student through all of the home-based program choices available in Alberta as well as the opportunity to blend with campus school programs. Koinonia @ Home families enjoy a rich variety of learning experiences.  Koinonia community connections occur through picnics and hikes, field trips, co-ops, athletic teams, track and field events, community service, chapels, science labs, virtual collaboration and tutoring, graduation celebrations, world travel and missions, drama and musical productions, band and choir and many other experiences parents may request.   Our experienced teachers, award-winning digital learning space and connection to our larger Koinonia family of schools look forward to serving you.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board? Since 1981, Koinonia schools offer  fellowship between parents, teachers and students in a Evangelical Christian private school learning community. 
Visit our website to explore the possibilities that can benefit your family :  Why Choose Koinonia@Home. 







Learning Academy

Phone: 403-934-5179
Toll Free: 800-320-3739
Contact: Donna Seamens
What makes our school board special? Golden Hills offers traditional and teacher directed programs with a focus on the family throughout southern Alberta. We have recently added online science and social studies programs for upper elementary students.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board? We offer home learning services with program choice, competitive reimbursement and exceptional teacher support.


Northstar Academy Canada

Address: Box 2220 103 1001 20 Ave
Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0
Phone: 403 335-9587
Toll Free: 877 335-1171
What makes our school board special? We offer three different programs to educate children at home.  An online program - teacher directed and taught fully accredited, Individualized learning - a program that is tailored to suit each student specific needs this program is aligned, and a traditional program.  We are an evangelical christian school that specializes in helping parents to educate their children at home in a way that best suits family beliefs and values.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board? Parents register with NSA because we are an evangelical christian school and our teachers really care about their students, not just that the student is successful at their education (regardless of the program ) but that the student grows and matures in their faith as well.




 Peace River School Division

Phoenix Education Foundation


320 19 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6J6

Phone: 403-265-7701
What makes our school board special? We were created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers! We also have a physical location in Calgary that offer unique "in-the-Scene" classes, Kindergarten and more! K-9 This allows students to experience individual, small  and large group activities. We also hosts many field-trips, workshops and events. you can download our program guide from the website.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board?
We support choice in education, whether home education, blended education, unschooling or online learning.  We also are open to all homeschool families.






Peace River School Division


Peace River School Division Home Education Program

Address: 4702- 51 Street., Grimshaw, AB. Box 380  T0H 1W0 
Name of Coordinator: Golda David
Home Education Coordinator Phone: 780-219-2119
What makes our school board special? We are a public school division offering support for families who have chosen to home educate their children.  We support both secular and religious programming and can offer support for all forms of home education including; traditional, shared responsibility, unschooling (child directed), worldschooling (for those whose primary residence is in Alberta), distance learning and gameschooling.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board?
We offer one of the only programs in Alberta with support, field trips and social events for families in the north.  Northern Albertans now have an option in the Peace River / Fairview / Manning / Red Earth Creek areas (and beyond!) that is local.  That combined with very helpful, supportive facilitators makes the PRSD option an attractive one for families.  We believe in parent choice and that all families have the right to the very best support that Alberta has to offer, even when they live far away from a major city.





Roots Homeschooling

Address: PO Box 68098, Crowfoot PO, Calgary, AB - T3G 3N8
Phone: 403-616-1381





 School of Hope


School of Hope

Address: 5212 Railway Ave,Vermilion, AB T9X 1C2
Phone: (780) 853-2188





 Wisdom Homeschooling


Wisdom Home Schooling

Address: Box 78, Derwent, AB, T0B 1C0 
Phone: 780-741-2113
What makes our school board special? WISDOM was founded by home educators in 1995 in order to serve home educators.  WISDOM staff understand home schooling from the inside out and do not impose an institutionalized mindset. Their staff and facilitators are professionals who are also home schooling parents and/or graduates.  The WISDOM team is wholly committed to protecting parental primacy and promoting the best educational interests of each unique child.  Healthy society is built on healthy families, and WISDOM exists to build culture through the home education lifestyle.
Why would a home education family want to register with our school board?
WISDOM's mission to serve only  parent-directed home education has prompted development of several tailor-made programs and services.  You will receive monthly e-newsletters and a bi-monthly magazine to inform, inspire, and support you in the journey, and you're invited to join their active Facebook support groups.  Workshops and camps throughout the year are geared for the whole family, giving you opportunities to learn and play together while meeting other home schooling families.  WISDOM's Socratic Dialogue Online Program opens the doors to a classical model of education, where tutors lead students to develop their skill of reason and communication skills.  WISDOM's specialized Mediated Learning Program has been developed to train parents to be the best teachers of their child, giving you tools to identify weaknesses and build thinking capacity.  Individualized family support through high school and beyond is another main focus, whether a student wants to gain entrance into university, college, trades or directly enter the world of work. WISDOM will help you achieve your vision.