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Ant Colony - A Cooperative Tunnel Building Game

Ant Colony - A Cooperative Tunnel Building Game
$19.95 CAD
Brand/Publisher: Outset Media
SKU: 625012192408
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The Queen wants a new colony, and she has asked her loyal ants (that's you) to build her a new one. In order to successfully build a new ant colony, players must work together to build one continuous colony that includes two entrances and four rooms.

Just watch out for hidden rocks, angry beetles... and those pesky anteaters that keep trying to block your entrances!

Ready... set... start digging your way to new adventures!

Ant Colony is a cooperative game, which means all players must work as teammates towards the same goal. Either everyone wins, or everyone is defeated! While playing, kids will develop such skills as: cooperative play, critical thinking, social development, light strategy, and logic.

This game does not require any reading skills, making it perfect for all children.

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Age Level Ages 5 +
Format Game
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