Your Story Hour Patterns of Destiny Album 7

Your Story Hour Patterns of Destiny Album 7
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Your Story Hour CD
24 true life stories of people who, during their lives, contributed to our society in various ways giving an example for us today.

  • (CD1) THE GIRL GENERAL Joan of Arc (part 1)/JOAN AND THE DWARF Joan of Arc (part 2)

  • (CD2) THE VALIANT STEPMOHTER John Bunyan story/PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Chirstian's walk through life

  • (CD3) THE BOY BECOMES THE MAN Albert Schweitzer (part 1)/OGANGA'S HOME Albert Schweitzer (part 2)

  • (CD4) THE CHANGED LIFE George Mueller (part 1)/MAN OF FAITH George Mueller (part 2)

  • (CD5) THE ANGEL OF THE CRIMEA Florence Nightingale /THE MAN WHO CONQUERED PAIN Discovery of anesthesia

  • (CD6) TWO GIRLS IN ONE Clara Barton (part 1)/ANGEL OF MERCY Clara Barton (part 2)

  • (CD7) SOLVING THE RIDDLE Louis Pasteur (part 1)/MAN AGAINST MICROBE Louis Pasteur (part 2)

  • (CD8) MAD DOGS Louis Pasteur (part 3)/THE STRANGE CASE OF MOODY, WATCH AND SPY Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell and his dog team

  • (CD9) DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 1)Boyhood/DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 2) Early years as an evangelist

  • (CD10 )DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 3) Moody's preaching & later years/HONEST JOHN John Wanamaker-Honesty in business pays

  • (CD11) CARVER'S GEORGE George W. Carver (part 1)/WHY THE PEANUT? George W. Carver (part 2)

  • (CD12) SUICIDE MISSION Keith Agraves (part 1)/PRISIONERS OF WAR Keith Argraves (part 2)

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