Wordsmith Apprentice 2nd Edition Z

Wordsmith Apprentice 2nd Edition Z
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Wordsmith Apprentice 2nd Edition
A self-directed program for grades 4-6 that will develop appreciation and enthusiasm for written language through imagination-stretching excercises.

All the practicality, humor and fun of Wordsmith but written for the younger student, ages 9 - 12. Uses a newspaper as a basis for writing.

Wordsmith Apprentice was created with two basic purposes in mind:

1) To supplement and apply grammatical principles. Many students learn punctuation, parts of speech, and basic sentence structure as workbook "exercises" but don't necessarily see the relevance to actual writing. Every grammatical principle taught in Wordsmith Apprentice will be applied to several unusual exercises and at least one writing project, reinforcing the idea that there's a reason we learn this stuff!

2) To introduce the student to several types and purposes of writing, in an imaginative way that will create enthusiasm for the subject. The newspaper theme provides a practical, relevant format for exploring the many ways we use the written word.

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