Wind in the Willows Classics Club DVD

Wind in the Willows Classics Club DVD
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It's a series of Lit classes on DVD taught by director Adam Andrews. Each session deals with a separate classic book, presenting a thorough introduction to the work's major themes and key structural elements.

The Classics Club is a stand-alone literature class for students of any age. It also provides the perfect refresher for parents and teachers preparing to give classes of their own.

A syllabus notebook accompanying each session provides a place for the student or teacher to make notes and also includes a biographical sketch of the author, as well as a blank story chart and suggestions for essay assignments drawn from the class discussion.

Finally we have a discussion of the great tragedy that everyone can relate to! Adam examines the struggles of the Danish prince from the perspective of universal themes such as cowardice, bitterness and revenge, suggesting that although we are not royalty, we are prone to its weaknesses. Includes an engaging summary of the plot in plain English for students who may be struggling with Shakespeare's poetry.

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