Where the Brook and River Meet - A Literature Based Unit Study

Where the Brook and River Meet - A Literature Based Unit Study
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A Literature Based Unit Study on the Victorian Era

What do I want to teach my children? Academics and facts are important, but of learning there is no end. So what do I want to impart to my teenage daughter? This high school / junior high school curriculum was developed with that question in mind. The goal is to prepare my daughters with the skills and discernment needed, to use their talents as they grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Where the Brook and River Meet is a literature based unit study based on the story Anne of Green Gables to be used as a year’s independent study for students in grades 7-12. Academic subject areas covered include: world history (1200 to 1800), world geography, health and safety, language arts, art, home-making and music. You will need a separate math, grammar, Latin and science course. Skill area covered: poetry comprehension and appreciation, apprenticeship and crafts that explore a women’s role in society, era-related world history, Bible application and history based spiritual climate, exposure to opera and visual arts of the time period. Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum

Required Resources:

  • Anne's Anthology

  • Annotated Anne of Green Gables

  • Writer's Inc

Recommended Resources:

  • Noah Websters 1828 American Dictionary

  • Are you Liberal? Conservative? Confused?

  • Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

  • Hidden Art of Homemaking

  • How Should We Then Live?

  • Mere Christianity

  • Pilgrim's Progress

  • What in the World's Going on Here? (Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3)

  • Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

Where the Brook & River Meet Sample Pages:

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