Well-Ordered Language Level 2B Teacher Edition

Well-Ordered Language Level 2B Teacher Edition
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A one-semester course for grades 4 or 5 and up

The previous level, Well-Ordered Language Level 1, helped students to master the eight parts of speech, along with object pronouns, prepositional and adverbial phrases, compound subjects, compound verbs, and compound objects. Any student who mastered these concepts should be prepared for Well-Ordered Language Level 2. In Book 2B, students will review and strengthen skills learned in Level 1 and Book 2A and be introduced to several new concepts. Student using this level will also learn to diagram sentences, visualizing the grammatical relationships within sentences.

Well-Ordered Language Level 2B will introduce students to:
-Sentence diagramming (visualizing grammatical relationships within sentences)
-Four kinds of sentences (declarative, interrogatory, imperative, exclamatory) and principal elements
-Prepositional phrases
-Compound elements
-Subject pronouns
-Object pronouns
-Possessive pronouns
-Interrogative pronouns
-Compound sentences
-Relative pronouns and relative clauses

Well-Ordered Language Scope & Sequence

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