Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex

Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex
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In Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex, Josh and Dottie McDowell draw on their decades-long love and concern for youth. Building on the "Why True Love Waits" campaign and utilizing up-to-the-minute research from Josh's "The Bare Facts" resources, the McDowells provide a compact, easy-to-use guide to support parents in

- putting sex and sexuality in a biblical context of relationship to God
- gauging their child's emotional and spiritual readiness
- being alert to questions and opportunities
- being direct and open without violating their child's emotions
- proactively shaping their child's worldview in today's sex-saturated culture

Working from their own experience with four children, Josh and Dottie give readers encouragement and solid information in the sometimes-awkward process of guiding their child into a healthy understanding of God's gift of sex.

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