Singapore Math CC Earlybird Kindergarten Activity Bk A

Singapore Math CC Earlybird Kindergarten Activity Bk A
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Activity Books A and B can be used to supplement the Textbooks or they may be used as a complete and fun activity-based program on their own. The Activity Books provide opportunities for consolidation, remediation, and enrichment. Mathematical thinking skills are developed through concrete experience and cutouts are provided in the book to help students figure out mathematical problems. Written exercises that focus on repetition ensure the reinforcement of mathematics facts and concepts. A variety of activities such as games and practical tasks help to engage students in the practice of mathematical concepts. The activities in each unit are carefully sequenced for progression in level of difficulty.


Unit 1: Matching and Sorting
Unit 2: Numbers to 5
Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Unit 4: Ordering Numbers
Unit 5: Shapes
Unit 6: Patterns
Unit 7: Comparing Sets
Unit 8: Measurements

Earlybird CC ED Activity Book A Sample

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