Singapore Math Standards 5A Teacher Guide

Singapore Math Standards 5A Teacher Guide
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Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Teacher's Guides are designed to help teachers understand the course material and prepare for the day's lessons. Rewritten specifically for the Standards Edition, the lessons have been developed according to the approach and methodology central to this series. Detailed, step-by-step lesson plans and introductory content are provided to assist teachers in using the Primary Mathematics Standards Edition program.

Features of Teacher's Guides:
  • The structured outline allows for easy reference to the correlation of the Primary Mathematics series with the California Standards
  • The Scheme of Work provides a quick overview of the learning outcomes to be achieved
  • Step-by-step lesson plans facilitate and guide teachers in the use of the Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract and modeling approaches
  • Answers to Workbook exercises, mental math and problem-solving worksheets are also provided to facilitate evaluation

Components of the Primary Mathematics Standards Edition series:
  • Textbook Parts A and B
  • Workbook Parts A and B
  • Teacher's Guide Parts A and B
  • Extra Practice
  • Tests Parts A and B

This Teacher's Guide is best suitable for classroom use.

If homeschooling, check our website for the Singapore Math Home Instructor's Guide.

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