Signing for Kids

Signing for Kids
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The bestselling Parents' Choice Award Winner-now expanded with a new section on computer and technology terms.

Fully illustrated in a large format with clear, easy-to-read instructions, "Signing for Kids" features the clearest instructions and easiest-to-follow illustrations of any signing book available. And, "Signing for Kids" is as relevant to today's young readers as it is easy-to-use, with a new 16-page section of computer and technology terms.

With helpful hints and tips for better signing and an extensive index for easy reference, "Signing for Kids" is the best book for beginners or for those who want to brush up their sign language skills.

Includes topics such as: - Pets & Animals - Snacks & Food - Family, Friends & People - Numbers, Money & Quantity - Sports, Hobbies & Recreation - Time, Days, Seasons & Weather - Travel & Holidays - Clothes, Colors & Home - Computers and Technology

Number of Pages 160 Pages
Format Softcover
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