Scofield Study Bible III NKJV

Scofield Study Bible III NKJV
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The Scofield Study Bible III
New King James Version

Genuine Leather
Thumb Indexed
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The Scofield Study Bible III offers an unparalleled package of reference tools designed to enrich the study of God's unchanging Word. It has been augmented - not revised - with a wealth of factual information. Quality materials and workmanship are the hallmarks of an Oxford Bible.

This Contemporary Edition of a Classic Study Bible Features:
  • An exclusive, subject-based topical chain reference system that enables readers to follow major themes throughout the entirety of Scripture.

  • Over 100 boxed factual articles and lists that put a wealth of faciinating information at the reader's fingertips.

  • Expanded introductions that include detailed outlines of each book.

  • An expanded Subject Index permits easier retrieval of information.

  • Side-column references are grouped by chapter and verse for quiick referencing.

  • Over 500 in-text definitions of proper nouns locate place name references and explain the meaning of personal names in their original languages.

  • Nearly 70 in-text black and white maps and charts help orient the reader to geographical references in the biblical text.

  • Nearly 250 notes crucial to understanding the Scofield (including all notes on Dispensations, Covenants and Summary notes) are featured as in-text articles, making them easier to lacate and read.

  • 16 pages of accurate, full color New Oxford Bible Maps (with index of places and natural features) that illustrate the biblical world.

  • A Presentation Section for personalizing the Bible as a gift.

Format Leather bound
Brand/Publisher Oxford University Press