Saxon Math 54 3rd Edition DIVE CD-ROM

Saxon Math 54 3rd Edition DIVE CD-ROM
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Digital Interactive Video Education

Looking for help in teaching math? The DIVE (Digital Interactive Video Education) CD ROM lecture series is designed to complement Saxon textbooks but not replace them. Each lesson begins with a brief introduction of the topic to be covered. The student will listen to the instructor and take notes on anything that is written on the whiteboard. The student will then work all practice problems by pausing the lecture, working the given problem, then watching the lecture again to see if it was worked correctly. If the problem was worked incorrectly, the student can rewind the lesson and find their mistake. The student stays actively involved during the entire lesson, as they are either reading along with the instructor, taking notes, solving problems, or rewinding/fast forwarding as necessary.

Available for each level from Saxon 54 through Saxon Physics, Dr Shorman's clear instructions follow Saxon's text but does not duplicate them. Please note the Saxon edition must match the CD ROM edition.

Lectures taught from a Christian worldview. Not affiliated with Saxon publishers.

System Requirements: All Mac OSX & Windows XP or Higher.
This CD contains an EULA that prohibits reselling, loaning, or giving the CD away after opening.

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