Readers in Residence Volume 1 – (Sleuth) - Answer Key z

Readers in Residence Volume 1 – (Sleuth) - Answer Key z
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Readers in Residence Volume 1 – (Sleuth) - Answer Key

Your children have learned to read. Now it's time to read to learn.

Do you desire a lifetime of learning for your young readers — one in which they read with understanding and come away enriched? Let Readers in Residence help you to reach that goal.

Do you want to share the joy of reading with your children and use great literature to develop their moral compass and empathy for others? Readers in Residence will help you achieve that too.

Step by step, Readers in Residence teaches students how to comprehend what they read while appreciating its beauty. High-interest activities, creative responses to reading assignments, and opportunities to share books with others will keep students motivated and grow their love for learning.

This powerful program will help students:

Read for deep understanding and consider literature in light of God's Word
Recognize overarching patterns through such elements as character development, plot, and theme
Build rich vocabularies by making educated guesses about the meanings of unfamiliar words from the context
Identify the connotations and figurative meanings of words and phrases
Develop expert reading strategies such as asking questions, making inferences, and connecting clues

Students will enjoy beloved classics like Charlotte's Web, Because of Winn-Dixie, and Sarah, Plain and Tall, as well as three books of their own choosing. Projects, book clubs, and topics for family discussion make this an engaging program for all types of learners.

Readers in Residence, Volume 1: Sleuth is written directly to students in a conversational style and is designed for fourth through sixth graders, as well as for older students with no prior instruction in reading comprehension skills. Every module concludes with biblical applications. Very little teacher prep time is needed with this flexible curriculum, and it may be used with several children at multiple grade levels. You can use this program at home and in homeschool co-ops, forging lasting bonds while developing masterful readers.

Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth) - Available separately.

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