Progeny Press The Sword In The Tree Study Guide

Progeny Press The Sword In The Tree Study Guide
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The Sword in the Tree Progeny Press Study Guide

Eleven-year-old Shan, son of Lord Weldon, is happily training to become a knight. But everything changes when his long-lost uncle arrives; and when Lord Weldon mysteriously disappears, Shan's uncle takes over the castle. After hiding his father's sword, Shan and his mother go into hiding; but Shan plans for the day when he will reclaim his birthright. Shan even dares to go before King Arthur in Camelot, seeking help. Will help come in time?

Progeny Press publishes study guides for literature that provide teachers and students with questions and comparisons from the firm and timeless foundation of the Bible. Study guides include vocabulary exercises, comprehension, analysis, application questions, introduction of literary terms, background information, discussion of related biblical themes, suggestions for activities related to the reading, a complete answer key, and more! Teaches students of all ages to examine what they read, Christian or secular, classic or contemporary, and value the truth it contains measured against the Bible.

Format Workbook
Grade Level
Number of Pages 45 Pages
Brand/Publisher Progeny Press
Secular / Christian Christian Author;Christian Publisher
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