Progeny Press Long Way to a New Land Study Guide Z

Progeny Press Long Way to a New Land Study Guide Z
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The Long Way to a New Land is the story of one Swedish family's struggle during the famines in Sweden. We meet them in 1868, during the "hunger years", when a letter from a relative in America persuades them to sell everything, pack their trunk and move to America, the "land of opportunity." We follow them from cart to over-crowded boat to train and finally to the steamship that will take them far from their homeland to a new land. For twelve days at sea they are packed in with other emigrants, sick and yet hopeful as they make their journey. As they set foot on American soil, they are examined by doctors and questioned, as all emigrants were. Their hopes of a new life are realized as a letter from their relative tells of winter employment already secured for the father. The eldest boy, Carl Erik exclaims, "Now we are arrived."

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