Progeny Press Hiding Place Study Guide

Progeny Press Hiding Place Study Guide
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for the novel by Corrie Ten Boom

The year is 1937. The place is Haarlem in the south of Holland. Our story, The Hiding Place, opens as the ten Boom family celebrates 100 years of watchmaking in their home, a place called the Beje (pronounced bay-yay).

Corrie, a middle-aged woman, is our central character, along with her sister, Betsie, seven years her senior. This is a true account of God-given courage. These women lived in the time of the German Nazi invasion of Holland during World War II.

As Christian people they reached out to offer assistance to the Jews being persecuted and often put to death by the Nazis. Their compassion extended to providing a secret room in their home in which the Jewish people could hide during Nazi raids. Thus, Corrie becomes steeped in the underground activity of protecting Jews in Holland during a perilous time in world history.

With danger, suspense, and dire consequences, Corrie and Betsie follow God's leading. They struggle with difficult moral questions and find there are no easy answers.

The Hiding Place is more than the story of two sisters who end up in a concentration camp. It is an account of life's struggles--of overcoming evil, of forgiving and loving enemies, and of finding security amidst great insecurity. Can God actually be a hiding place for those living in great pain and insecurity? Is there truly a safe place when all around is danger? Corrie ten Boom not only knew the answers to these difficult questions, she lived them out.

Progeny Press Study Guide: 50 pages
7 Chapter Lessons + Overview
Subjects: WWII and the Jewish Holocaust, obedience to authority, honesty, perseverance, forgiveness
Grade Level: 6-8

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