Progeny Press Heart of Darkness Study Guide

Progeny Press Heart of Darkness Study Guide
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Progeny Press Gtudy Guide

Charles Marlow is a young man desiring adventure in exotic lands. With the help of an influential aunt, Marlow is assigned to be captain of a Belgian trading company's steamer in the Congo Free State (modern-day Zaire) of Africa. As he prepares to journey up the Congo River to the company's inner station, he hears tales about the station's manager, Mr. Kurtz, an ivory trader who has amazing power over the natives of the region. Determined to meet this man, Marlow begins his journey. Instead of excitement and glamour, Marlow finds horror, and far up river, he encounters the mysterious Kurtz.

Progeny Press Study Guide: 50 pages

# of Lessons: 3 Chapter Lessons + Overview

Subjects: The Belgian Congo, temptation and accountability, self-control, morality, sin and death

Grade Level: 9-12
Format Teacher / Student Book
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Brand/Publisher Progeny Press
Secular / Christian Christian Publisher
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