Progeny Press Crispin: Cross of Lead Study Guide

Progeny Press Crispin: Cross of Lead Study Guide
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Progeny Press Study Guide
for the novel by Avi

The boy had always been called "Asta's son", but when Asta, his mother, dies, the village priest reveals that his Christian name is Crispin. He also gives Crispin his mother's lead cross and promises to reveal what the words etched on its surface mean. But before he can tell Crispin, the priest is murdered and Crispin accused of the crime. Believing the cross holds clues to his father's identity, Crispin flees, eventually joining up with a traveling juggler named Bear. Full of sprprises, thrills, twists, treachery, and a hearty dose of what life was actually like in the 14th century, Crispin is also a story of faith, developing maturity, and learning what freedom and manhood really mean.

grade 6 - 8
Setting: 1300s, England

Format Teacher / Student Book
Number of Pages 75 Pages
Grade Level