Progeny Press Call of the Wild Study Guide

Progeny Press Call of the Wild Study Guide
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Progeny Press Study Guide
for the novel by Jack London

The dog Buck lives a privileged life in the family of a California judge. But when gold is discovered in the Yukon Valley and thousands of men rush north, Buck is stolen from his home and sent north to pull sleds for the Canadian mail service. Buck finds he must learn fast or die, and the new law of life is primitive -- the law of club and fang. London reveals the lengths to which men will go to satisfy the gold lust, and he explores the animal instinct of kill or be killed as Buck rises to leader of the pack.

grade 8-12
Setting: Yukon Gold Rush; Alaska; Canada; 1800s
Category: American Literature

Number of Pages 80 Pages
Format Teacher / Student Book
Grade Level
Brand/Publisher Progeny Press
Secular / Christian Christian Publisher
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