Progeny Press Bridge to Terabithia Study Guide

Progeny Press Bridge to Terabithia Study Guide
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Progeny Press Study Guide
For the Novel by Katherine Paterson

It is Jess Aarons's ambition to become the fastest runner in the fifth grade, and to achieve this feat, Jess practices all summer. Leslie Burke, the new girl in school, beats Jess in the races, but in spite of this, she and Jess become close friends. Together they create an imaginary kingdom called Terabithia where Leslie is queen and Jess learns to be king.

Together Leslie and Jess explore the limits of their imaginary kingdom, a kingdom threatened by the giants in their lives: teachers, bullies, and Jess's many fears. But with Leslie's help Jess learns to think, to use his imagination, and to stand up to his fears.

Then one day, while Jess is away, Leslie dies in an accident. How Jess learns to handle her death and the pain he feels can help all of us deal with loss.

Terabithia was the special place where Jess was king, but Jess decides that perhaps Terabithia was also a place he had gone to be knighted and grow strong. Now, without Leslie, he must go out into the world for both of them. Jess decides he must give the world beauty and caring to match what Leslie had loaned him in vision and strength. To do this, he begins by building a bridge--the bridge to Terabithia.

Progeny Press Study Guide:
# of Lessons: 6 Chapter Lessons
Subjects: Facing fears, family, friendship, grief, life after death

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