Progeny Press Amos Fortune Free Man Study Guide

Progeny Press Amos Fortune Free Man Study Guide
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Progeny Press guide for the novel by Elizabeth Yates

Novel Summary
At-mun is purchased by a kindly Quaker family who give him the name Amos and welcome him into their family. Under the care of the Copelands, Amos learns to read and speak English, and learns about their God. When Amos comes to understand that as a child of God his royal heritage has been restored, his life is transformed.

Study Guide
68 pages
8 Chapter Lessons + Overview
Subjects: Slavery, leadership and servanthood, freedom and responsibility
Format Teacher / Student Book
Consumable No
Grade Level
Number of Pages 65 Pages
Brand/Publisher Progeny Press
Secular / Christian Christian Publisher
Copyright May copy for single classroom use