Progeny Press Across Five Aprils Study Guide

Progeny Press Across Five Aprils Study Guide
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Progeny Press Study Guide
for the novel by Irene Hunt

Times are uneasy for the Matthew Creighton family as tensions rise between the north and the south as the war between the states approaches. When war breaks out, the Creighton boys head off to fight, expecting a quick and easy victory for the north. But when an older son, Bill, goes off to fight for the south, the Creightons find the war has divided their family and brought dangerous strife between neighbors. Nine-year-old Jethro Creighton suddenly finds himself the only remaining son in the family, and when his father suffers a heart attack, Jethro becomes the working man of the family. Times are hard and the work endless, but their thoughts always are with their boys in the war. They seem to live from letter to letter and for each newspaper with acounts of the fighting. Young Jethro discovers that a man's good character can be stronger than a gun and last longer than a war.

grade 5 - 9
Setting: Southern Illinois; Civil War
Category: Historical, American Literature

Format Teacher / Student Book
Number of Pages 74 Pages
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