Mystery of History Volume 1: CD Audio Set 2nd Edition

Mystery of History Volume 1: CD Audio Set 2nd Edition
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The Mystery of History Volume I (Second Edition) Audio CD
Creation to the Resurrection

Bring The Mystery of History Volume I Second Edition to life! Through this audio CD, you can listen to the professionally recorded stories through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. With accompanying text in hand, you can read right along with the author as she breathes life into the stories. Without the text, you can relax and enjoy Linda's personable writing style. Younger students can draw or color as they learn while older students can take notes for further discussion. With a background track of beautiful, inspiring music, you'll feel you are right there with the author traveling through time. (Tracks without music are now available too!) At co-op, in the car, over lunch, before bed, or as an integral part of your school day – there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.

These audio CDs contain narrated lessons only and do not include pretests, activities, quizzes, exercises or similar items found in the textbooks.)

Total listening time: 11 hours 14 minutes

It is posted by the author that the contents of the new Third Edition Volume 1 Student Text is similar enough to this Second Edition Audio CD to make these products compatible.

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