More Before Five in a Row

More Before Five in a Row
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Inspired Learning Through Great Books
Building on the foundation of the bestselling Before Five in a Row volume, More Before Five in a Row inspires your child's learning through extraordinary children's picture books while nurturing your relationship with them and making memories to last a lifetime! Designed for ages 3 through 5, this preschool and kindergarten curriculum is filled with lessons for you and your child to enjoy together and prepare your child for the lifelong adventure of learning.

Lessons covering six early literacy skills build a solid foundation for their future reading and writing success, while lessons covering science, social studies, applied math, language, and art concepts, playfully drawn from each story, boost their readiness for future academic endeavors. A focus on play and discussion-based learning favors the way a young child learns and retains information.

  • Lessons are drawn from a wide variety of outstanding children's books, including All the World, Baby Bear Sees Blue, Toot & Puddle, and Mighty, Mighty Construction Site.

  • Teaching Tips throughout help you apply important ideas from the lesson to everyday aspects of your child's life.

  • Animal Classification Cards help children develop simple, enjoyable classification skills.

  • Bible verses and devotionals (one for the parent, one for the child) are included for every book.

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