Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion
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Math Lessons for a Living Education Teaching Companion

This innovative series has proven to be easily taught, enjoyed by students, and a powerful faith-building part of any child's education. Now make the most out of this fun and exciting series with this inspiring and informative Math Teaching Companion. The book includes helpful insights and an overview to assist educators in understanding not only the scope of the material, but also the biblical worldview behind it. Discover a wonderful story-based, hands-on approach as you learn:

- The importance of “good-brain” math
- How to adapt the course for different learning styles and cognitive ability
- Effective use of manipulatives like the Place Value Village and Right-brain flashcards
- Memorization of math facts and oral narration as you enjoy recipes, math games, and much more!

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