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Logic of English Starting Foundations B (Cursive) Complete Set

Logic of English Starting Foundations B (Cursive) Complete Set
$264.10 CAD
Manufacturer: Logic of English
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A set specifically designed to teach one student who is ready to begin Logic of English® starting with Foundations B! This set includes all the books for level B, plus the core materials that will also be used with Foundations C and D! An assessment from Logic of English to determine if your student should start at Foundations B Since Foundations B teaches how to write the uppercase letters, the Foundations B Set for starting at B is sold in TWO versions, manuscript OR cursive. Skills Taught in Foundations B: Apply phonemic awareness skills in order to learn new spelling rules. Blend multi-syllable words auditorily. Write uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript. Read and spell 21 multi-letter phonograms. Understand two common reasons a vowel can say its long sound. Identify a vowel saying a schwa sound. Read and spell words using the first three silent final E rules. Read 294 high-frequency words. Count syllables. Read and comprehend phonics-controlled fiction books. Compose developmentally appropriate original texts. What's Included in this Starting Foundations B Cursive Set: Volume-Specific Foundations B Teacher's Manual Foundations B Student Workbook - Cursive Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC Foundations B Readers Foundations B Readers: Young Artist Series Core Materials Basic Phonogram Flash Cards Phonogram Game Card Set - Cursive Phonogram Game Tiles Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference Spelling Analysis Quick Reference Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards - Cursive Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference - Cursive You also need a small student whiteboard that can be purchased separately at CHER or you can purchase one through your local office or paper supply store.
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Series Logic of English
Format Bundle
Brand/Publisher Logic of English
Grade Level K to Grade 2
Age Level Ages 4 to 7