Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red Book Kit 2nd Edition

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red Book Kit 2nd Edition
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Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red Book Kit 2nd Edition

This second grade reading program is perfect for the fluent reader and continued phonics instruction will bring confidence and fluency to the beginning reader. The fluent reader will enjoy the exciting stories in the readers and use them to learn grammar, creative writing, higher-order thinking skills, and much more. It includes a Teacher Book, a Student Activity Book, and 6 readers, each containing several stories all packaged in a convenient, attractive full-color box.

36 lessons divided into easy-to-use daily plans.

Includes phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, and higher order thinking skills right in the box!

Phonics: Includes a quick review of first grade phonics and instruction in advanced phonics.

Includes all the language arts skills: phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, even higher order thinking skills right in the box!

Enrichment Activities are included in The Red Book Program! They challenge your student with thinking, writing, and creative activities that are ideal for the fluent reader and easily adaptable for the nonreader.

Lessons require little or NO preparation!

Handwriting: Instructions and work pages included!

Teacher friendly, the Teacher Notes are right in the margin -- making lesson preparation easy.

Assessments help teachers to evaluate student's progress.

Phonics Facts, Grammar Guides, and Punctuation Pointers keep students on track.

Games, word-wheels, flip books, and MORE hands-on projects and activities are effective for ALL types of learners.

NOW, The Red Book contains all you need in one easy-to-use program!

Instructions and activities for phonics, reading skills, grammar, creative writing, and higher-order thinking skills taken from the six delightful readers! Read-aloud stories and"real books"** provide a basis for important reading, writing, and higher order thinking skills.

Spelling lessons include spelling lists, word puzzles, and spelling tips.

Handwriting instruction teaches upper and lower case letters, numbers, PLUS punctuation! Illustrated practice sheets encourage your student to do his best.

Assessments enable teachers to evaluate progress. Phonics Facts, Grammar Guides, Syllable Sense, and Punctuation Pointers aid students in remembering the tricks of the trade for reading, grammar, and spelling.

Essential to the program, additional consumable Student Activity Books may be purchased separately.

The Kit also includes the following readers:

  • In, Out, and About Catfish Pond

  • Up, Down, and Around the Rain Tree

  • Forest Fables

  • Underwater Friends

  • All Around the Farm

  • Famous People

Books Used in This Program:

(see below)

  • A Tree Is Nice

  • Little Bear

  • The Fire Cat

  • Bravest Dog Ever

  • Ox Cart Man

  • Corduroy

  • Little Island

  • Billy and Blaze

  • Harry the Dirty Dog

  • Abraham Lincoln

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