Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue Book Kit 2nd Edition

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue Book Kit 2nd Edition
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Here's the answer! The Common Sense Reading Program, the Blue Book, for first grade skills, is the perfect reading program for beginning readers. Lessons include: phonics instruction using the "Successful Reading for Beginners" series. Your student begins reading stories right away!

Read-aloud stories and "real books" provide a basis for important reading and higher-order thinking skills. Grammar skills are integrated throughout the lessons.

Handwriting instruction teaches upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation! Illustrated practice sheets encourage your student to do his best.

Assessments enable teachers to evaluate progress. Essential to the program, consumable Student Activity Books may be purchased separately.

Games, activities, and hands-on projects make this a dynamite combination!

Our first grade reading program includes a Teacher Book, a Student Activity Book, 28 readers, and a materials packet, all packaged in a convenient, attractive full-color box.

36 weekly lessons divided into easy-to-use daily plans.

Includes all the language arts skills: phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, and higher order thinking skills.

Handwriting Skills: Instruction and work pages included!

A systematic phonics approach includes: short and long vowels, consonant blends, word families, and sight words.

Assessments help teachers evaluate reading progress.

Games, word-wheels, flip books, and MORE hands-on projects and activities are effective for ALL types of learners.

Lessons require little or NO preparation!

A complete phonics program with real books and an instant reading approach to help children feel successful in their reading right away. Includes phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and higher order thinking skills. Phonics, word families, and sight words are all used to provide a solid reading foundation for your child.

Includes teacher book, student activity book, 28 readers, and materials packet.

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