Laying Down the Rails

Laying Down the Rails
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Discover the secret to smooth and easy days!

The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.—Charlotte Mason

Charlotte likened good habits to rails on which our children's lives could run smoothly. It is the parent's business to lay down those rails.

Here, compiled into one volume, are all the habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings with her thoughts and suggestions for cultivating each one. This work also includes Charlotte's help for breaking bad habits, hundreds of inspiring quotes, and lots of practical tips.

* Complete—Details more than fifty Charlotte Mason habits with their corresponding passages from Charlotte's writings, as well as her thoughts on the importance of habits.
* Practical—Presents Charlotte's writings in bite-size chunks with summary statements and quick personal review questions. Modern-day examples offer additional insight into applying CM principles today.
* Organized—Arranges all the habits into five main categories: decency and propriety habits, mental habits, moral habits, physical habits, and religious habits.
* Handy—Provides a Habits Checklist to help you track your child's and your own progress in developing good habits.
* Encouraging—Motivates and inspires you with wonderful quotes from Charlotte Mason and many other great men and women of history, like Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, C. S. Lewis, Thomas Edison, and more!
* Easy to Use—Acts as a quick and easy reference book with an Index that lists all the habits and the pages on which they are mentioned.

Number of Pages 239 Pages
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