Language Lessons for a Living Education 5

Language Lessons for a Living Education 5
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Students will build on and reinforce essential communication skills as they achieve proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, and written communication. Independent reading and mastery of effective sentences and paragraphs are at the heart of this course.

Students will enjoy poem, hymn, and picture studies as well as faith-growing stories to inspire detailed and descriptive paragraphs while making real-world connections that enhance this fun and engaging story-based approach. Written with a Charlotte Mason influence but designed for modern homeschoolers, activities include book reports, Scripture, creating a dictionary, narration, and critical thinking games to hone and apply their writing and reading skills creatively.

Scope and sequence, daily course calendar, assessment charts, recommended reading list, spelling practice ideas, and grammar sheets also included!

Other resources required for this curriculum:
101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Language Arts - Where Should My Child Start?

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