Language Lessons for a Living Education 2

Language Lessons for a Living Education 2
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Enjoy an engaging and effective language arts program for your elementary student!

Incorporates picture study, memorization, grammar and punctuation, spelling & vocabulary, observation and application through creating their own stories through pictures and sentences, poems, psalms, and letters. Also develops early reading skills and gently develops narration skills.

Students will move beyond pages of text to make real-world connections as this exciting new series guides your young learner toward mastery of reading, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Utilizing phonics, observation, and reading comprehension through poems, stories, and real books as the foundation, your student will start forming basic sentences.

This story-based approach, focused on young students Claire and Micah, uses Charlotte Mason ideas for the modern homeschool student with character building themes. Each quarter has five stories, two picture studies (one of which is Bible-based), and two poems (one of which is a Psalm). Using the spelling words and the Dictionary Worksheets student will create their very own dictionary as they move week by week through the material.

Developing early reading and narration skills, by the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably write up to three sentences at a time.

Table of Contents

Using this Course
Daily Schedule
1. Reading, Alphabet, Short A Words, Nouns, Capitalization and Punctuation
2. Picture Study, Short E Words, Proper Nouns, Types of Sentences
3. Reading, Short I Words, Sight Words, Writing Sentences
4. Poetry, Short O Words, Days of the Week, Calendar
5. Reading, Short U Words, Months, Calendar
6. Picture Study, Long A Words, Months, Calendar
7. Reading, Long E Words, Pronouns, Comma Usage
8. Psalm, Long I Words, Action Verbs, Comma Usage
9. Reading, Long O Words, Plural Nouns, Abbreviations
10. Reading, Long U Words, Plural Nouns, Seasons
11. Picture Study, Long and Short oo words, Plural Nouns, Abbreviations
12. Reading, /ow/ Words, Irregular Plural Nouns, Initials
13. Poetry, /aw/ and /au/ Words, Subjects and Predicates, Titles
14. Reading, /oi/ Words, State of Being Verbs, Writing Dates
15. Picture Study, /ar/ Words, State of Being Verbs, Compound Words
16. Reading, Consonant Blend Words, Homophones, Contractions
17. Psalm, Consonant Blend Words, Homophones, Interjections
18. Reading, Consonant Blend Words, A, An Usage, Suffix
19. Reading, Consonant Blend Words, State of Being Verbs, Sentence Combining
20. Picture Study, Blend Words, State of Being Verbs, Synonyms
21. Reading, /g/ and /j/ Words, Verb Usage, Antonyms
22. Poetry, /k/ Words, Verb Usage, Homonyms and Homophones
23. Reading, /s/ Words, Verb Usage, Prefix
24. Picture Study, Silent Letter Words, Word Usage, Root Words
25. Reading, Double Consonant Words, Word Usage, Adjectives
26. Psalm, Compound Words, Word Usage, Adjectives
27. Reading, Homophone Words, Word Usage, Adjectives
28. Reading, Review Contractions, Sentences Review
29. Picture Study, Prefix, Suffix and Root Words Review, Sentences Review
30. Reading, Syllables, Noun Review, Irregular Plural Words, Number Words
31. Poetry, Rhyming, Singular and Possessive Nouns, Number Words
32. Reading, Adjectives, Calendar, Days of the Week
33. Reading, Adjectives Review, Abbreviation Review, Months
34. Reading, Verb Review, Letter Writing, Months
35. Psalm, Word Usage Review, Letter Writing, Number Words
36. Reading, Synonym/Antonym/Homonym/Homophone Review, Envelopes, Number Words
Teacher Aids

Language Arts - Where Should My Child Start?
Language Lessons 2 - Dictionary
Language Lessons 2 - Word Shapes

Language Lessons 2 - Sample Pages

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