Jensen's Grammar

Jensen's Grammar
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Correct grammar is an important part of communicating effectively. Your student will definitely know grammar, as well as how to apply it to his or her own writing, after taking Jensen’s Grammar. This well-respected course provides simple, direct lessons that introduce new ideas incrementally and relies on regular review. It also stresses application in the student’s own personal writing.

Part of Frode Jensen’s classic series of writing homeschool curriculum, Jensen’s Grammar teaches students how to write correct, effective sentences.

The course will teach students:

  • how to create, place, and punctuate relative clauses in order to write more sophisticated sentences.

  • how a simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a sentence can help them search for subjects and verbs.

  • how to use a simple chart that unlocks the mystery of differentiating the major parts of speech.

  • how to actually use the words and structures they are being taught in their own sentences.

  • how to put two ideas into one sentence with correct punctuation every time.

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