JUMP Math Workbook Kindergarten Part 1

JUMP Math Workbook Kindergarten Part 1
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JUMP Math K.1

JUMP Math is both a philosophy and a set of materials and methods that aim to help students meet their potential and discover their love of mathematics. Our approach is premised on the belief that every child can succeed at math. We believe that all children in the regular school system can excel, even those diagnosed as having serious learning disabilities or who are failing at math. One of the key hurdles in reaching this goal is to overcome the math anxiety many of us learn to adopt early on. Mathematics, rather than being the most difficult subject, is one in which children can most easily succeed – even at a young age – and can thereby develop the confidence and cognitive abilities they need to excel in other subjects.

Key features include:
-Lesson design that encompasses the broad developmental range in kindergarten
-Careful scaffolding of material, continuous assessment of student learning, and bonus questions and extensions throughout
-Detailed, flexible lesson plans that include whole-class instruction and activities, as well as a variety of activity centres for easy differentiation
-The introductory unit includes games and activities designed to teach pre-math skills while easing the transition to school
-Simple, clear language in the student Assessment & Practice Books, that can be read by the teacher or by early readers
-Assessment checklists with “look-fors” for formative assessment and suggested activities for summative assessment
-A table of contents that shows which lessons to teach to cover the curriculum requirements for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario

Jump Math Kindergarten is printed in two parts, Book K.1 and Book K.2. In order to cover the full curriculum, students will need both parts.

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