Illustrated Family Bible Stories

Illustrated Family Bible Stories
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Over 200 beautifully illustrated events from the Old and New Testaments
Help Bible history come alive for children as well as new believers so they know these true events that changed the world forever.

We live in a visually-oriented society where people learn from a blend of both text and images. This collection of events and teachings from Scripture explores selected chapters and verses, and provides additional highlights into:

  • More than 200 Biblical accounts, psalms, proverbs, prophecies, laws, and letters

  • The daily life of people living in the Old and New Testament times, as well as plants, animals, and Bible landscapes

  • Who’s who in the Bible, maps and diagrams, a Bible quiz, and more!

With the help of maps, photographs, and diagrams, the ancient cultures of the Bible are set in a context that can be readily understood. In addition, specially written teachings help to educate today’s young reader in understanding the Bible’s meaning and its relevance for everyday life.

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