Horizons Preschool Complete w Multimedia - Special Order Item

Horizons Preschool Complete w Multimedia - Special Order Item
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Horizons Preschool Complete with Multimedia
Start your preschooler's early childhood education with the best–Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set! This colorful, fun-filled curriculum introduces preschoolers to formal learning with hands-on activities and games that can be easily adapted to your daily schedule. Laying a solid foundation in Christian values, each lesson starts with Scripture and flows from a biblical theme that incorporates social studies, language arts, math, phonics, science, and more! Not only that, each enduring lesson is filled with arts and crafts, music, story times, health and safety, and other exciting learning adventures!

Set includes 180 lessons in two student books, two teacher's guides, music CD, and resource packet with manipulatives.

Topics Covered

Lessons 1-30 covers Days 1-3 of Creation: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, light, darkness, air, clouds, dry land and rocks.

Lessons 31-60 covers Days 3-4 of Creation: soil, grasses, seeds, trees, fruits, vegetables, sun, weather, day, night, seasons and hour.

Lessons 61-90 covers Day 4 of Creation: seasons, earth's rotation & tilt, moon, stars, constellations, astronomy, planets, comets and meteors.

Lessons 91-120 covers Days 5-6 of Creation: fish, climate, ocean creatures, amphibians, eggs, birds and mammals.

Lessons 121-150 covers Day 6 of Creation: reptiles, insects, man, cells, senses, bones, digestion, breathing and muscles.

Lessons 151-180 covers Days 6-7 of Creation: blood, circulation, brain, body parts, occupations, health & safety, music, work, rules, helpers, friends and family.

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Horizons Preschool Curriculum Student Workbook 1
Horizons Preschool Curriculum Student Workbook 2
Horizons Preschool Resource Packet 1
Horizons Preschool Teacher's Guide 1
Horizons Preschool Teacher's Guide 2

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