History Through the Ages Timeline Figures for Mystery of History IV

History Through the Ages Timeline Figures for Mystery of History IV
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Timelines are a wonderful way to see all of history at a glance! They help visualize the procession of time and how one event spurs on another. They also help you see history by the slice - what was happening at various places in the world at the same time. Timelines help the most visual of learners grasp the abstract idea of "time" in a hands-on way. Your kinesthetic learner will benefit from the cutting and coloring of the figures. They are wonderful for the auditory learner as each figure has a descriptive text to remember key points of each person or event. Best of all, they inspire a love of learning about the people and events that made a mark in the world, reinforcing that knowledge by taking part in putting the "puzzle" of history together!

Timeline Figures to Accompany The Mystery of History Volume IV

299 figures preprinted on card stock pages (IN WALL SIZE)

This timeline package contains figures chosen to accompany The Mystery of History Volume IV: Wars of Independence to Modern Times, by Linda Lacour Hobar and published by Bright Ideas Press. Provided in wall size on card stock, they can also be reduced for use in notebook timelines, lap books, or merged with Memory Cards (directions for Memory Cards are given in the MoH IV study).

Series History Through The Ages
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