History Through the Ages: Napoleon to Now Timeline Figures

History Through the Ages: Napoleon to Now Timeline Figures
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History through the Ages: Napoleon to Now

Over 250 black & white timeline figures with name, date, and descriptive text, along with timeline lines for the wall. 1750 A.D. - Present

Timelines are a wonderful way to see all of history at a glance! They help visualize the procession of time and how one event spurs on another. They also help you see history by the slice - what was happening at various places in the world at the same time. Timelines help the most visual of learners grasp the abstract idea of "time" in a hands-on way. Your kinesthetic learner will benefit from the cutting and coloring of the figures. They are wonderful for the auditory learner as each figure has a descriptive text to remember key points of each person or event. Best of all, they inspire a love of learning about the people and events that made a mark in the world, reinforcing that knowledge by taking part in putting the "puzzle" of history together!

History through the Ages is reproducible within a family, making them ideal for Notebook Timelines. If you have been looking for a set of timeline figures that can be used with your Greenleaf Press Study Packages, or Diana Waring's Digging Deeper Study Guides, or the Mystery of History - or any other historical study, this is it! Each figure is a well thought out line drawing with explanations. Printed on sturdy card stock 2.5 - 3.5“ tall, they are ready to cut and put up on your timeline. Includes suggested instructions for use and display, and a handy reference sheet of all the people and events.

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