Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History

Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History
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Twaddle-free history! “How to get your children to actually enjoy history!” Rob and Cyndy Shearer have written the Greenleaf Guides to help us teach history with ‘living' books, not textbooks. “The study of history becomes not merely the study of nations, but a moral training ground where the wise and the unwise are observed, and the consequences of wisdom and folly may be dissected under a teacher who charges less than experience.” The Shearers view North American History as “Current Events” compared with the wealth of other history we have to learn from. The Famous Men Series are biographies of men of the past. Greenleaf suggests beginning your study of history with the old testament. Study Package includes Greenleaf Study Guide, and selected ‘living books'. Grades 2-10

Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament

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