Gift of Music (3rd Edition)

Gift of Music (3rd Edition)
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Great Composers and Their influence

This book incorporates biographies of great musicians along with their philosophies and music. Fascinating descriptions of 40 leading composers whose faith--or lack of it--had an influence on Western civilization. Indexed. Great for all students of music.

One of the finest achievements of Western culture is its brilliant heritage of classical music. A Gift of Music looks at the lives of the greatest composers who have given us this heritage, and especially at how their music was shaped by their beliefs.

The result is a remarkable and inspiring book, showing the importance of Christian faith for many composers, and the effect of this upon their music. But it also shows how the lack of faith has brought profound change in the meaning and form of contemporary music.

Thus "A Gift of Music seeks to open up a whole new world of music--to encourage listening to the finest compositions with new understanding and pleasure, and to stretch our ears and imaginations. It is a book which will be greatly appreciated by those who already love classical music, and by others who want to explore this delightful world for the first time.
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" There will be no one who will not find stimulating insights in The Gift of Music... I look for this book to open the doors to a new affirmation of life in the area of music." --Francis A. Schaeffer, founder, L'Abri Fellowship

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